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We are building the country’s leading provider of landscape maintenance services by providing unparalleled training, growth opportunities, and support to the best technical and management teams in the industry.


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Why SunWorks is the Ideal Partner

  • We preserve your legacy, amplify your brand, and honor the culture you have built. SunWorks provides support and resources – not micromanagement.
  • We know landscaping! We’ve partnered with 7+ companies, and our team is 100% focused on the green industry.
  • We’re committed to building a great future together. That’s why we promise to lead with our values and be a partner you are proud to have.
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Who We Are

SunWorks is a network of top commercial maintenance providers committed to growing our businesses, creating opportunity for our employees, and providing exceptional service to our customers. We invest in market-leading businesses with strong teams and cultures. Why SunWorks? Ask our people!

Brand Ambassadors

Sean Lynam

"Our transition into the SunWorks team has been very positive. There was a lot of care and thought put into the wellbeing of the team at LMI throughout the acquisition, coupled with numerous software and system implementations. The long-term plan is high reaching, achievable and exciting to experience how it is coming together on a daily basis."

Sean Lynam

LMI Denver President

Sean Dowling

"Bringing Exclusive into the SunWorks fold was an awesome experience for our team. We found in SunWorks a partner that believes in our goals as much as we do, an extra set of hands to help with the significant change management we have undertaken, and a true teammate that recognizes that our people are our strongest quality. SunWorks' partnership has allowed us to punch well above our weight with massive ERP system implementation, talent planning, and operational improvements that all of our customers have felt and have been extremely happy with."

Sean Dowling

Florida OpCo President

Nicole Stone

"I have been working at SunWorks/LMI Landscapes for six years and it has indeed been an exciting and enriching experience. It is a company that offers opportunities for everyone to foster and grow not only professionally but also personally. I have learned a lot over the years about my own domain, but there has also been a lot of cross functional learning which has helped in my overall growth. It is an exciting and every changing company in which I am blessed to be a part of."

Nicole Stone

LMI Denver General Manager

Joe Carter

"I am proud to say I work at SunWorks. Our 5 company values of Growth, Collaboration, All-In, Win the Right Way, and Being of Use have all played harmoniously during my tenure.  The company truly values its employees and culture, and that enables us as employees to grow and feel passionate about our careers."

Joe Carter

Director of Training & Development

David Peterson

"I’m honored and humbled to be part of the Orion/SunWorks team, where I experience our values daily lived out in a very real way. Opportunities for personal and leadership development driven by our “people-oriented private equity” mantra…. true collaboration across disciplines and vertical entities….resulting growth supported by a serving mentality and focus on being of use to all we interact with….all held together with a deep sense of integrity and doing things the right way. Grateful to be a part of it all and excited about the future adventures to be soon discovered….!"

David Peterson

Director of Implementation

What We Look For

Every business is unique, and we work with a wide range of companies. Here are a few of the criteria we look for:

  • A focus on providing recurring maintenance service to commercial customers
  • Market leading position built on high-quality work
  • Longstanding customer relationships
  • High employee retention
  • Strong team seeking a collaborative partner

Investment Process

SunWorks owns and operates a network of leading regional landscape companies. Selling your business is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, and choosing the right partner is critical. That's why we're committed to helping you achieve your long-term goals while stewarding your legacy and creating growth opportunities for your team.

Quick Decisions
Quick Decisions

We make decisions quickly and are honest in our feedback.


We do what we say we will do.

Efficient Close
Efficient Close

Our committed capital and dedicated investing team provide efficiency and certainty.

Founder's Legacy
Founder's Legacy

We preserve your legacy and empower your team to reach their potential.

Looking For The Right Partner
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