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Open Roles

Our team brings diverse backgrounds and functional expertise to the landscaping industry. Together we go faster and further!

Currently sourcing for the following roles!

Company President

Career Path

Following our career path, along with a team of investors, operators and founders that support, trust, and care for one another, we will all go faster and farther!

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Campus Recruitment

University Recruiting

Visit one of our career fairs or campus recruiting events to meet our team and learn more about available positions, or apply for an internship to gain first-hand experience to help you choose your career path.

LMI Dallas AM Workshop
SunGrow AM Workshop
PPE Virtual Training
ColoradoScapes AM Workshop
People Power Performance Workshop
People Power Performance Workshop Dallas
ColoradoScapes AM Workshop Group
SunGrow AM Workshop Team

SunWorks University

From our Online Learning Platform to our world class Leadership Development Program, we provide extensive training and development resources. Join a company that fosters upward mobility and strives to "Hire for Life."

Employee Endorsements

Ben Randall

"SunWorks has been great to work for! They offer the opportunity to learn and grow, unlike any other company. They have monthly high-level education and seminars, provide industry-leading training, and work with cutting-edge technology keeping the job exciting and fun. I would highly recommend to any of my industry peers that they strongly consider Working for SunWorks partners."

Ben Randall

ColoradoScapes South General Manager

Nicole Stone

"Working at SunWorks has indeed been an exciting and enriching experience. It is a company that offers opportunities for everyone to foster and grow not only professionally but also personally. I have learned a lot over the years about my own domain, but there has also been a lot of cross functional learning which has helped in my overall growth. It is an exciting and every changing Company in which I am blessed to be a part of."

Nicole Stone

LMI Denver General Manager

Marcus May - LMI Denver

"It has been a pleasure working here at SunWorks.  I love it because of the many different opportunities or positions you can grow within the company.  They truly seem to enjoy promoting from within their own ranks, with me being a prime example going from Irrigation Tech to Account Manager.  The company does an amazing job at finding the right position for each employee.  There’s amazing team camaraderie throughout the whole Denver team!"

Marcus May

LMI Denver Account Manager

Steve Hickman

"I love working with SunWorks for the great relationships that I have gained! I love having a strong team that support and help each other grow!"

Steve Hickman

Landtamers General Manager

Leon Excobebo

"I have been working at SunWorks for over 2 seasons and truly enjoy my job and the team I work with everyday. I highly recommend this company, come and work here!"

Leon Excobebo

LMI Denver Foreman

Joe Carter - SunWorks

"I am proud to say I work at SunWorks. Our 5 company values of Growth, Collaboration, All-In, Win the Right Way and To Be of Use have all played harmoniously during my tenure.  The company truly values its employees and culture, and that enables us as employees to grow and feel passionate about our careers."

Joe Carter

SunWorks Director of Training & Development

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